Peter Vaillant is currently researching venues to explore exhibiting new work for 2018


A big thank you to all those who have invested into the artwork of Peter Vaillant, also those of you who have visited the numerous shows this year where drawings, sculpture and paintings have been selected to take part in professional society groups. We are very pleased to say the artwork is being sourced from its conception and Peter is concidering to ensure the artwork you are buying is an investment for futures to come. He has decided that the price of his artwork is to increase. This will clearly mean a capital gain in the investment in the artwork which has already been sourced. Owners will need to consider amendments to the insurance of the artwork. So at the end of November 2017 we will see a sharp rise in the price of Peters artwork throughout the galleries which represent his artwork. So this maybe a great opportunity and time to purchase that artwork of Peter Vaillant for an early Christmas present.


Delighted to be exhibiting 'Colourful Lady' which has been chosen by the committee of the Society of Graphic Fine Art.

Menier Gallery London


Peter Vaillant is taking part in the Hesketh Hubbard Society 2017exhibition at the Mall galleries, London. 'Blue Lady' £1,250 is on show.

JUNE 2017

New representation at Forest Gallery Petworth.

New, exciting and unique artwork from the Peter Vaillant studio has arrived at the Forest Gallery within the beautiful market town of Petworth, a centre for arts and culture, set in the heart of the South Downs National Park.  

Forest Gallery enjoys an excellent reputation as one of the best galleries in the south east, established in 1980, it has a comprehensive command in art history and collective diversity with artist representation and their artwork. Visit the gallery to view the new striking work, sized at 24inches x 16inches these paintings are produced upon canvas board and float mounted, framed and glazed and are absolutely beautiful. £1,750 they will surely move you.

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