British Abstract Artist, Peter Vaillant, produces unique and vibrant artwork from his studios in Devon and London. Peter continues to envelop a truly intellectual and conceptual style which is extending into global exposure.
Acknowledgment of Peters abstract art comes from a number of respected sources. The BBC described him as an artist with an immense talent and creative strength for formatting hues of intense colour, in its purest form to produce immense emotional art pieces, after being commissioned to record by painting his interpretation of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Pageant.

Peter Vaillant has exhibited alongside David Hockney in New York & London, Sir Peter Blake in London and his painting 'Praise" has been acquired alongside artists Tracy Emin & Elizabeth Frink at the Church of England, Liverpool Cathedral.
Peter continually takes his clients by surprise by his energetic work ethic and continuous success. Selected by Nigel Hurst CEO of Saatchi Gallery, Ian Davenport Turner Prize Nominee & Becca Pelly-Fry to exhibit at the Griffin Gallery Open, exhibiting in solo shows about the UK, and exhibiting still life drawings at the Mall Galleries London. These are just a few of Peter Vaillant’s Accomplishments  
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Always wanting more from his art Peter Vaillant is a ‘go getter’. Mark these words he says “I don’t want to be famous, I will be famous!”  
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