Peter Vaillant shares his creative moments between his studios in London and Devon.

Peter has been recognised as an abstract artist phenomenon, obtaining notoriety, through private and corporate commissions, acquirement and favorable reviews to endorse his artwork.

The British art establishment are still resistant to abstract art, but Peter has a modernism, indistinguishable to his peers, it is intrepid, playful and totally enjoyable to gaze upon. With sounding approval from Nigel Hurst CEO of Saatchi Gallery, Turner Prize nominee Ian Davenport and Sir David Hockney being fans of his work.

His unique representation of abstract artwork follows successful waves of innovation and connection to the environment which surrounds the artist. 

The methodology for investigating form and hue compounds his creative documentation. Repeatedly seizing moments of the subject throughout the year on location, he captures within a diary of colour aspects for the next painting. 

Confirmation of his international consequence can be attributed with artwork adorning public and private collections.  Examples include Liverpool Cathedral which acquired ‘Praise’ a painting which hangs alongside artwork of Tracey Emin and Dame Elisabeth Frink. 

Other notable examples include Peter Vaillant’s BBC commission for Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Pageant and joining Sir David Hockney in showcasing the painting at London.

Peter has an unusual concept in vision and continuing energy, he is striving to add element and expressionism to uncharted work, he himself believes he has only scratched the surface of his full potential.

“I am touched by an overwhelming sense of passion and existence to be successful. If I can attain the remarkable difference, Howard Hodgkin, Gerhard Richter, John Hoyland and Hans Hoffman have given to art history and truly embrace their inheritance to create future master works of abstract artwork I will have succeeded.

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